Classified Ad Posting Rules


By posting your ad, you accept and must comply with the following conditions :


  • The text of the ad must mention the product/good/services in question.
  • You confirm that you have the rights to the images/photos/video illustrating your ad.
  • When inserting a photo, it must show the good advertised.
  • It is forbidden to insert a logo as a photo attached to your ad, except for ads in the Employment – Services sections.
  • Any ad containing text items (words, phrases, sentences, etc.) which may be counter to legal or regulatory provisions or the spirit of publication, or are immoral, or which may offend or shock readers, will be rejected by Publishfreeads without giving rise to any right to compensation whatsoever.


  • Only ads posted for the sale of original products are allowed (electronic devices, DVDs, CDs, video games, computer programs, cards for paid television, branded clothing and branded accessories, watches, etc.). We want to remind you that the sale of copies is considered piracy by law and is punishable.
  • You must post your ad in the area in which your item is for sale. It may only be entered once. An ad posted in multiple locations will be systematically deleted.
  • Any ad posted for the benefit of professionals offering services or items for sale, or publicizing their business, must contain a company ID number.


The following is prohibited :


  • putting a link to another website in the title and/or description of the ad
  • posting an ad asking for private donations or with a humanitarian goal
  • posting a missing person notice
  • posting racist/hateful/offensive comments/titles/descriptions
  • posting an ad for any professional purposes, unless posted in the Services category
  • posting an ad for something that is regulated or prohibited by law

As a user of the Publishfreeads service, you must make sure that the applicable law authorizes the item you want to sell or buy in your country.


The following objects are strictly prohibited on the site :

  • tobacco, drugs, and related items, hazardous and illicit substances
  • cosmetics, medicines, and para pharmacy items
  • firearms, explosives, hunting traps
  • protected plant and animal species

Ads related to :

  • personal services (childcare, tutoring, personal care and assistance, etc.)
  • everyday home services (housecleaning, villa management, caretaking, gardening, etc.)
  • odd jobs (plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.)
  • small business services (accounting, secretarial tasks, etc.)


Must be published in the “Services” category, whether they are from private individuals or professionals. Promoting a service in any category other than “Services” is prohibited.



Publishfreeads reserves all publication rights over ads.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Publishfreeads team